19 July – marks 6 years of TALHA AHSAN detention without trial

I posted before about the failure in the British justice system regarding Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad.

This is a message and appeal from Hamja, Talha’s brother:

6 years ago on 19th July

on 19 July 2006, my older brother  – poet Talha was detained without trial or charge or evidence
from his family home in front of his aging mum and dad
at the behest of a country (USA) where he had never set foot
on the notorious 2003 Extradition Treaty, ruining the lives and families of many British Citizens – including Richard O Dwyer, Gary Mckinnon, Babar Ahmad & others
ruining elementary civil rights like Haebus Corpus, right to a fair trail, access to family, presumption of innocence before proven guilty, protection of torture
and above the very first duty to protect its own citizens ….

Just come back today from visiting Talha in prison with Mum & dad –
– may be his last months before solitary …. in USA and extradition

Lets show a collective sign of solidarity


by changing our twitter / facebook / social media profile picture / backdrops / to FREE TALHA
on this Thursday 19th July (welcome befoe then)

Message of Support:
“With the sharp deterioration of protection of elementary civil rights in the US, no one should be extradited to the country on charges related to alleged terrorism. The constitutional lawyer in the White House, after all, has just made it clear that the due process provisions of the US Constitution (and Magna Carta) can be satisfied by an internal discussion in the executive branch. And that is hardly the only example. Furthermore, the prisons and the incarceration system in general are an international scandal. The shallow and evasive charges in this case strongly reinforce that conclusion. I wish you the best success in your campaign to block extradition for Talha Ahsan.”
– Noam Chomsky

“I know Talha Ahsan as a poet and I have written to him during his confinement at Long Lartin prison. I have been moved and sustained by his optimism, humour and gentleness in those letters.That Talha has been imprisoned for years without trial in my country shames me as a UK citizen. Talha is also a UK citizen. He is being held at the request of a foreign power under the terms of a treaty which does not require the production of prima facie evidence and, indeed, no evidence of that nature has been produced. It also seems clear that whatever allegations have been concocted are partly the fruits of torture and therefore not only morally corrosive, but also thoroughly unreliable. That my government would give Talha no assistance in a time of absolute need and would, in fact, help engineer his distress is another indication of its utterly reckless, unsustainable and inhuman stance on human rights.”
– A. L. Kennedy Novelist

‘Between them, the USA and the UK have invented a policy – imprisonment without trial. What do we say to this? It is both utterly wrong in principle and wrong in the particular case of Talha Ahsan and others suffering under this policy. This threatens every single one of us. It is in effect a de facto not a a de iure law that appears on no statute books and yet can be used any time two countries with extradition agreements decide to apply it. Talha is suffering because of this. No, he has already suffered. Even if he was guilty of anything, it would be still utterly wrong in terms of the justice we are all entitled to that he has been imprisoned without trial. Let’s not forget Pastor Niemoeller’s words – and let’s adapt them too: First they came for Talha Ahsan, and because I am not a Muslim, I said nothing….’
– Michael Rosen,
Poet, broadcaster and Children Laureate–

Hamja Ahsan 

FREE TALHA AHSAN CAMPAIGN: www.freetalha.org
Twitter: @hamjaahsan / @freetalha #freetalha

19 JULY – Thurs, 7pm
Event marking 6th year of detention without trial or charge of Talha Ahsan
prison poetry, films, talks –
Zakat House / HEND House : http://freetalha.org/2012/07/marking-6-years-of-detention-without-trial-for-talha-ahsan-poetry-film-tributes/

JULY – Extradition Film screenings – across UK / Prison poetry & speakers
New film about Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad
Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Worcester, Cardiff, Manchester,

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