Lambeth Women’s Project, 166a Stockwell Road, SW9 9TQ

The Lambeth Women’s Project is a space in South London that has been running for over 30 years, acting as a hub for different women’s groups, events, and projects. It does amazing work. The thing is, Lambeth Council are trying to turf the LWP out- they’ve been given 2 weeks to leave, with no offer of alternative premises!

LWP provides space, services and opportunities for girls and women across racial, class and disability lines, and has run as a labour of love/ volunteer project for many years now. Closing LWP would take away vital services for  young girls and women in an area of extensive poverty and deprivation.

LWP currently houses 11 different women’s group working in areas of advocacy, arts and music, counselling, domestic violence, gang-related, green issues, health and mentoring — these women’s groups will also be adversely affected from this eviction.

There are several things you can do to help save LWP.

* Join the Facebook page and the Twitter campaign

* Get in touch with LWP if you can offer legal advice, printing, press, food, music, banners, etc –

* Sign an online petition to Save LWP

* Join nightly potbanging demos and information sharing, 7-8pm. More info here.

* If you live in the borough of Lambeth, write to your local MPs and councillors to ask them to stop the council from evicting Lambeth Women’s Project. (Councillor Rachel Heywood, Kate Hoey MP, Tessa Jowell MP

* Come to the Picket and Occupy Public Meeting at LWP from 5pm, Sunday 10th June.

The eviction date is Friday 15th June 2012.

Please spread the word! Here’s a LWP flier with more information that can be printed and passed out.

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