Zine Fest Gent (Belgium)

Feminist DIY Media Festival

Saturday October 15th – Sunday October 16th 2011
Laurent Delvauxstraat 11 in Gent (Belgium)


SATURDAY October 15th: at 12:00
workshops about:
– alternative media and zines
– making feminist posters
– writing fiction
– writing articles

SUNDAY October 16th: at 13:00
– making a zine together (or make your own zine)


– infostands of zines (let us know if you want to have a table to sell zines!)

– exhibition of feminist posters

Registration: mail to felfeminisme@gmail.com to let us know you’re attending the Zine Fest (easier for us to know how many people will come)

Free entrance!

More info:

At Zine Fest Gent, a festival about feminist alternative media, you can learn how to write articles or stories for blogs and zines, how to lay-out a zine and how to make feminist posters.

The Zine Fest is georganised by FEL and ECHO.



FEL organises monthly feminist reading groups, talks and actions in Gent and publishes brochures and the Feminist Starter Kit.

ECHO published feminist zines and comix.

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2 Responses to Zine Fest Gent (Belgium)

  1. rebelsister says:

    hi, the Zine Fest will take place at another location: DOK, Koopvaardijlaan / Afrikalaan in Gent

  2. anahine says:

    Reblogged this on Artificial Womb and commented:
    Well, this looks like it would have been well good. Can’t wait until we have a nominal office space rather than making the zines in the uni library stairwell (though that is great fun).


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