ZineFest! roundup

A big thank you to everyone who came and participated in ZineFest! We had workshops on comic making and stenciling, a discussion on survivor zines and community support, zine tours, art exhibitions, crafting, stalls and a discussion panel on feminist media projects and what- and who- gets remembered.

I was mostly running around all day looking for things – chairs! pritt sticks!- but managed to start a page for the comic zine and have my mind blown away with the panel on feminist media & memory. I’m a giant geek about both these topics and frothed with delight in hearing stories from Sheba Press (1980-1994) and Shocking Pink Magazine (1981-82, 1987-1992). I also felt super proud hearing my friends talk about their projects, including Humaira Saeed from Race Revolt and Bill Savage from Unskinny Bop.

Some of my favourite things of the day also included: how the Interactive Monster Unit transformed some disused canteen equipment into an awesome mask-making/cake eating hub, spotting that someone had made a tribute poster to one of my sheores- Sheila Rowbotham- in the second issue of Shape&Situate zine, catching up with old friends and meeting new people, discovering the Women’s Library had a secret garden, being handed some new zines, the twin teenage boys who were at the comic making workshop, and witnessing how creative and fun DIY peeps are. It’s that kind of stuff which makes my heart run.

Here’s a few piccies from the day. Also more at Start Today, Charlotte Richard Andrews blog, Remember Who U Are, Walrus Zine, Nest Gallery Postmodern Pain and Spill the Zines! It would be good if ZineFest passes on to a bunch of new people next year, so get in touch if you’re interested in organising something in 2012.

Thanks again everyone! xxx

Stencilling workshop

Bike Stencils

Props to Revolutionary Women Stencil zine (also a book!) for this template

Another feminist history crush of mine: Shape&Situate poster exhibition, curated by Melanie Maddison

Lots of creative stalls, zines and table cloths

Rachael House’s amazing Feminist Disco Project- draw a feminist icon on a paper plate!

Cross-stitching animal masks with Lisa Sleeps

Interactive Monster Cafe

Squid & friend from Interactive Monster Cafe (International Nobody is crouched behind the unit, because it would ruin the reputation of International Nobodies to be in photos!)

Michelle McKenzie from Sheba Press with some of their back catalogue- including lesbian erotica and writing by bell hooks and audre lorde

Becs from Shocking Pink magazine told us about the collectives’ fascination with nuns and the Queen Mother. They also printed big pink t-shirts with “Hi. I’ve got my Period!” after a teen girl magazine ran an advert saying “You wouldn’t want anyone to know that you’re on your period”. It was pretty funny.

Beautiful neon collage made by Bill Savage as a visual archive of the past 10 years in DIY feminist queer communities. Also appears as a backdrop in this cute Le Tigre karoke video.

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