Riot Grrrl in the Media Timeline

Oh you know I love a good timeline. Here’s an attempt to map some shout-outs to riot grrrl- both celebratory and derogatory- that have happened in the mainstream media. From condescending Newsweek articles to when Roseanne and Jackie pick up a riot grrrl hitchhiker (I loved the series Roseanne!). As usual, please help me fill in the gaps! [I’m also throwing in some riot grrrl articles from the feminist press as a point of comparison].

*Update! I’m also going to include riot grrrl films, exhibitions, books etc here so that it’s more of an overview*


Elizabeth Snead, “Feminist Riot Grrrls Don’t Just Wanna Have Fun”. USA Today. 7 August 1992. p.5. [USA]

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Huggy Bear appearance on The Word (Channel 4). 12?? February 1993. [UK]

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Cazz Blase, “But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 2“. The F Word. 4 November 2004. [UK]


Cazz Blase, “But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 3“. The F Word. 13 January 2005. [UK]

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Jessica Hopper, “Riot Girl: still relevant 20 years on“. The Guardian. 20 January 2011. [UK].

Ray Filar, “SlutWalking is rooted in riot grrrl attitude“. The Guardian, Comment is Free. 9 May 2011. [UK].

Jessica Hopper, “Riot Grrrl get noticed“. The Guardian. 14 June 2011. [UK].

Rachel Smith, “Revolution Girl Style, 20 Years Later“. NPR Music Blog. 22 September 2011. [USA].

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12 Responses to Riot Grrrl in the Media Timeline

  1. Sara Marcus says:

    Emily White’s article was actually first published in the LA Weekly in July 1992, and reprinted by the Seattle Weekly in August, I believe–or it might have been September. Chicago Reader was an even later reprint. I did a big nerdy bibliography for Girls to the Front so feel free to check that out to fill in some gaps, and thanks for your important work!

    • hi sara! thanks for the clarification and for pointing me in the direction of your bibliography, this will make piecing things together so much easier (it blows my mind how quickly the mainstream press jumped all over riot grrrl and how fast it spread). I’ve got your book on order and can’t wait to read it. mad props to you for all your awesome work! keep on doing what you do :)

  2. Soph says:

    Hey lovely, remember when the Guardian featured Riot Grrrl London? –

    Not their finest moment, but still!

    Soph xx

    • ha, yes! I remember their line about blue hair and middriffs most of all! hope you’re good my dear. thanks for adding the link xxx

      • Soph says:

        I’ve finally started doing a zine again after a million years! What have you been up to? Mail/facebook me sometime :) xxx

      • Awesome! what’s the zine called? I’m currently in hermit-computer mode trying to get a first draft of this thesis in…which i’m enjoying but i’m also looking forward to the other side too! xxx

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  6. Amelia Rose says:

    Hello (: your blog is a wonderful wealth of knowledge that I just stumbled upon! I’m writing a paper on the Riot Grrrl movement for my senior project of undergrad and am interested in citing this post. How would you like me to do so?

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