A Place of Rage

Watched this 1991 film at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival recently- it blew my mind. An absolutely beautiful, smart documentary about the Black Power movement and African American women’s creative and political achievements, featuring Angela Davis, Alice Walker, and my new crush, June Jordan. During the screening I found myself thinking: I wish I were a teacher, because I would show this film in all my classes.

The good news is that the documentary is currently in production to be released on DVD. You can pre-order the film from the Place of Rage website. There needs to be at least 1,500 pre-orders to raise enough money to release the DVD for Black History Month in October 2012- so please help out!

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One Response to A Place of Rage

  1. review of A Place of Rage and Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth by Lola Okolosie at The F-Word: http://www.thefword.org.uk/reviews/2012/04/a_place_of_rage

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