call out: radical women’s gathering

Radical women! You got plans for the summer?
The con/dem cuts continue to attack the most disadvantaged, particularly women, and many are already bearing the brunt of increasingly difficult living conditions. In the face of this, political activism and community organising is on the rise and has radical potential.

We offer a 2/3 day gathering for radical women to come together, share consciousness, skills and tactics. Join together with grassroots activists, anti-racist, feminist and anarchist women to reflect and build for the coming times. A hands-on, diy event with a range of sessions/workshops on a range of topics, you are invited to learn something, explore ideas in more depth, and share your skills.

For activists working in mixed groups the gathering offers the opportunity to meet other women in a similar position, explore it, critique current practices, identify our fears and strengths, and develop tactics to retain that strength when returning to those groups.

For women interested in radical politics, but discouraged by the continuing male-dominance of much activism, this is a chance to take the first steps in a safer, encouraging environment, and build networks for ongoing mutual support.

Ideas for sessions so far include: feminist health & anatomy, working across socially constructed divisions, impacts of and resistance to the cuts, sex positive education, Fukishima and British nuclear energy expansion, community building skills, feminisms, history and heritage skills, gender politics, parenting & feminism, squatting skills, bicycle maintenance and consensus decision making. What else could you bring?

The gathering will also include radical women-focused, anti-racist, feminist film and music.

A rural venue is planned, with both indoor sleeping and camping spaces. A crèche will be provided, with spaces booked in advance. Costs will be kept as low as possible.

The gathering is open to self-defining women, girl children, and boy children up to the age of 10.

If you have skills that could support this gathering, please get in touch.

There will be a meeting at the Go Feminist conference on Saturday 4th February at Conway Hall (Red Lion Square, London WC1, ), where we hope additional women will come forward to help organise.

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